Ralls County Residents can Access Services at Hannibal Free Public Library

The Ralls County Library in Center is happy to serve the patrons of Ralls County and has been doing so since 1992. The hours of the library are 8:30 am to 5:30 pm Monday -Friday, 8:30 am – Noon on Saturday. 

Should the need arise, Ralls County residents with a Hannibal Free Public Library card are able to use several services offered. Proof of residency is required to get a library card from the Hannibal Free Public Library, preferably a driver’s license. 

Hannibal Free Public Library hours are Monday and Tuesday 10 am to 8 pm and Wednesday through Saturday 10 am to 6 pm. 

Patrons may also use the computers in the library, on a first come-first served basis and patrons must have their library card to do so.

If patrons prefer digital content, using their (HFPL) library card, they can access Libby and Overdrive by downloading the free app to your device. The steps for doing this are as follows:

  1. Download the Libby and/or Overdrive App(s) from the App Store or Google Play
  2. Pick the Hannibal Free Public Library when asked to “pick your library”
  3. Sign in with your Library Card and Personal identification number (PIN)
  4. Find what you want to read (books and/or magazines) or listen to and enjoy!

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